"James-Signature" Life Balance massage
This massage covers all everyday tensions. Whether head, neck, back or feet, with heat, papaya oil and stimulation of the important energy points, you will experience a unique interaction.
50 Min
€ 99,00
"Aromatic" back massage 30 min
Pampering wellness massage with a naturally pure aromatic oil of your choice. Harmonizing strokes, relaxing massage grips and the beguiling fragrance compositions make this massage an aromatic experience.
30 Min
€ 60,00
DeLuxe "Aromatic" massage
Pampering wellness massage with a natural aromatic oil of your choice & a smoothing back peeling. Harmonising strokes, relaxing massage grips and the beguiling scent compositions make this massage an aromatic experience.
50 Min
€ 109,00
"Energy" Abhyanga massage
The queen of massages is indisputably the Ayurvedic full-body massage. Purifying warm sesame oil envelops your body and the flowing massage strokes give your soul an extraordinary deep relaxation.
75 Min
€ 145,00
"Vulkcan" hot stone massage
The peculiarity of the volcanic rock is skillfully used here to relieve tension and gently harmonize energy channels. An ideal symbiosis of the deep warmth of the rock and blending into one another.
75 Min
€ 145,00
"Exotica" Lava Shell massage
A massage composition from aromatic oils and caressing shells. Feel the warmth of the shells gliding on the skin in time with the sea and experience pure deceleration.
75 Min
€ 145,00
"Vibration" singing bowl treatment
Experience deep relaxation on this journey. The deep vibrations of the high-quality singing bowls will lead you into a soothing and relaxed state. Wrapped in a cosy blanket, you experience how the vibration of the singing bowls flows through your body and you feel deep relaxation.
75 Min
€ 115,00
"Relax" face and head massage
You will experience deep relaxation with this relax massage. Tension in the head and neck as well as the facial muscles are gently released - blood circulation to the scalp is stimulated and the lymph flow is improved. A fresh complexion and pure relaxation!
30 Min
€ 55,00
"Release" foot reflex zones massage
Based on foot reflex therapy, this massage stimulates the organs via pressure points on the soles of the feet. These pressure points are linked to the respective organs via nerve pathways and thus stimulate self-healing. Finally, the feet and lower legs are generously spread out to activate the lymphatic system. Whether you have a headache, muscular tension, sleep disorders or just to relax - this massage is always a good choice.
45 Min
€ 75,00